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Warranty Conditions

We believe in real results and honest protection. The Southern Tint & Detail Pros (STDP) Warranty shows our confidence in our products and our professional installations. Through our own trials and testing, we can guarantee that your vehicle experiences the best protection the industry  has to offer.




– Gloss retention of coating products for each service's designated warranty period.
– High quality installations and service from our professionals.


– Performance failures and damage to the products resulting from misuse, noncompliance with warranty conditions or exposure of products to extreme situations and conditions it was not designed for.

– Commercial Vehicles

– Re-application of coating due to intense damage (such as collisions/accidents). These must be paid at the vehicle owner's expense.

– If you believe a product/service is faulty, you should first contact us and arrange an inspection.
– Upon inspection we will determine if warranty conditions apply; if so:
– Under the STDP Warranty, all faulty products and/or services shall be replaced without cost.


– Any warrantied vehicle(s) must be brought in for a Maintenance & Decontamination Service once every 12 months during the duration of the warranty.

– Coated surfaces cannot be exposed to water for 12-36 hours after application. Any water must be immediately blown or wiped off using a microfiber drying towel.
– Coated surfaces cannot be chemically cleaned or waxed within 7 days of application
– All insect splatter and bird droppings occurring within 7 days of application should be removed carefully as soon as possible (green or purple bird droppings should be removed immediately!). CARPRO ECHO2 is recommended for this.
– Using automatic car washes is forbidden throughout the duration of this warranty.
– Claying is forbidden
– Coated surfaces should be regularly washed with CARPRO products:
– CARPRO Reset – for general washing
– CARPRO IronX – for iron particle removal
– CARPRO Reload – for regenerating the coating’s hydrophobic properties

– CARPRO Merino Wool Wash Mitt – cleaning accessory
– CARPRO DHydrate towel for drying
Failure to maintain your coating and dust/particle buildup may cause the coating to loose its properties and performance over time.

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