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Trust The Specialists.

High-end services require a high level of skill. We specialize in these restoration and protective style services. This means that you can have peace of mind, knowing that you didn't leave your vehicle with the guys who are "figuring it out" as they go.


Our work is proof - Quality is non negotiable.

Certificate proof

We are an authorized CQUARTZ Finest installer. CARPRO has rigorously examined our quality of work, character, and business to ensure that you, as well as your car, are treated with the highest degree of care.

Find us on the map, right here in Walker, Louisiana!

Paint correction
paint correction
mirror finish
side by side paint correction

Southern Tint & Detail Pros is an automotive care business local to Livingston Parish, Louisiana. It seemed the area lacked services for luxury cars, and had no trained professionals to work on those cars. To solve this problem, your specialists at Southern Tint & Detail Pros have been trained by people like Jason Kilmer, Erin Knox, and Steve Simmons, all for the skills to treat your car like the investment it is. Our business model is based on doing quality work, taking as long as necessary to ensure that quality. We take pride in our craft. We value integrity, quality, and honesty.
We use a majority of CARPRO products for car care. The products are the highest-performing and safest tools on the market for us to treat your car with. When dealing with such expensive assets, we refuse to risk your vehicle's well-being for a quick-buck.
We refuse to use the same gimmicks and false-advertising of other brands to make a quick buck off of customers. Our professionals will answer almost any question about the products we use and processes your vehicle undergoes, as transparency is your right as a client. 
All of these factors allow us to skillfully treat your car using the highest-grade tools on the market. This is why you trust the pros.


trained installer
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